Travel Path

Because Service Recycling is a high traffic facility with many large semis in and out at all times, we have a specific travel path that we ask all vehicles to follow to keep everyone safe. 


All incoming vehicles must enter onto Easter Dr, then turn left onto Marion Ave, and another left onto Echo Dr. 

All vehicles leaving must do so via Echo Dr and exit onto Main St. 


For everyday use, visitor parking is on the north side of the building. Two spots are available labeled "Visitor Parking."


For special events, visitor parking will be marked off and made easily accessible from Echo Dr.

To all our valued Visitors:

Beginning December 28th, 2020, Service Recycling will be changing our Travel Path. This change will affect the way all vehicles are able to approach our facility at 3178 N. Kentucky Ave. in Joplin, MO.

Due to an expansion and restructuring of our trailer lot, access to the facility will no longer be accessible via E. Eaglewood Dr. in addition to E. Echo Valley Rd.

We now ask that all approaching vehicles, to include tractor-trailers, to Service Recycling follow the new Safe Travel Path as indicated below.

From Main Street (Hwy 43):

Turn East onto E. Easter Rd.

Turn North (Left) onto N. Marion Ave.

Turn West (Left) onto E. Echo Valley Rd.

Tractor-Trailers: pull off the road and stage on the North side of E. Echo Valley Rd. approaching toward Kentucky Ave.

All pallet vendors and mulch customers: pull off the road and stage on the South Side of E. Echo Valley Rd. along the fence line.

Local deliveries: turn left (through the gate) at the intersection of E. Echo Valley Rd. and Kentucky Ave. and then turn left at the front office and park in the 15-minute parking spots.

Mail carriers: turn left (through the gate) at the intersection of E. Echo Valley Rd. and Kentucky Ave. then turn right to park on the North side of the front office

All other visitors: please continue through the intersection, and park in visitor parking on the left next to the warehouse building.

Service Recycling is the one vendor you need for all your commercial recycling.

We can haul your cardboard, paper, plastic, pallets, and more. All in one convenient load. 


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