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Service Recycling did not just pop up in Joplin in 1998. The company has roots going back over 60 years. 

First Generation
In the 1960s, our family started collecting cardboard, commonly referred to as “scrapping.” And a baled ton of cardboard back then was only worth $10. Those bales were made into a felt base for roofing shingles. Many balers in those years, including ours, were homemade machines, even built from old rail iron. This was before hydraulics, so the equipment was gear and chain driven.






Second Generation
In 1972, a baler, a truck, and some of the original land was purchased for $2,000. During this time, most of the cardboard was coming from the local mall, a trash route, and even scrap pickups in alleyways. By the mid 1970s, large businesses started baling their own cardboard. As the second generation became more involved, the work transitioned from the collection of loose cardboard to more hauling and buying of baled cardboard.

Our pallet recycling operation started in the 1980’s as a natural outgrowth to service the industry. Plastic recycling became feasible in the early 90’s, and the family business also expanded again in 1997 when the second generation invested in a large automatic baling operation, to keep up with the needs of the surrounding area, and the increased awareness of recycling as a positive thing.

Third Generation
In 1998 our current name, Service Recycling, was adapted to better represent our intention to put service first, making our customers’ needs the top priority. Soon after was the expansion into cardboard recycling containers for commercial collection at restaurants and stores in the surrounding areas. As the 2000’s came, so did a greater service area, and two other locations were added to expand Service Recycling's service area: Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2005 and Springfield, Missouri in 2008.








Fourth Generation

Service Recycling has continued to develop and build upon the original family business. As our fourth generation takes the lead, our team continues to grow, we now employee nearly one hundred people at our four locations!  
We are proud to be a service provider that gives other businesses a cost-effective way to reduce their waste. Through the years and all market conditions, Service Recycling has persevered and continues to look forward to what the future holds for our team and our many valued customers.


Prooud members of local recycling organizations. WE can help you reach your zero waste goal.
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Service Recycling | Your Partner in Sustainable Recycling

A Commitment to Waste Reduction in AR, MO, KS, OK

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