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What sets us apart


We have been servicing the Aransas area for years. We are currently sending trucks into Arkansas every day, with lots of capacity to grow! The industries in Arkansas are booming and we are ready to service them. 

Specialty Services

Wood Waste:
Many customers throw their wood waste in an open top dumpster. This is not a very good use of space. We offer 48-foot trailers for hauling any scrap wood you have. This is a great alternative because it saves your company time, money, and the wood gets recycled instead of put in a landfill.

Pile of scrap wood. Broken pallets. Broken boards.

Area Representative 

Arkansas Recyling Rep

Grace Overman 

Grace has been in the recycling world since she was a child. She has been a representative with Service Recycling for five years. Her time here has made her incredibly knowledgeable in the field. 

Baling Operations:
Our plants are equipped with several high-volume balers allowing us to condense a wide variety of materials down into their most valuable form. We also have many balers available to place at your location for the convenience of baling your own material.


Large industrial blue baler. Two employees in front.

Pallet Repair:
Customers bring us hundreds of pallets each week. We take the salvageable pallets and do any repairs needed. These pallets are redistributed back into the Arkansas Industry to be used again and again. Pallets that are too damaged are broken down and used to repair other pallets.

Man using machine to cut boards down to size. Springfield MO

We have vertical balers ready to place at your facility for the collection of your materials. Baling your commodities puts them in their most valuable form. 

Blue vertical baler

Service Recycling has over 150 trailers in our fleet. We can place a drop trailer at your dock to save you valuable space in your facility. 

Many box trailers in a row outside
Map of Arkansas Recycling

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