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Service Recycling recyles a variety of industrial wood scrap - from crates to odd size pallets.

Pallet recycling is a big part of our business. We buy and sell thousands of pallets every month, either by a partial or full semi load. However, we know that some companies produce wood that is not standard pallets. That is why we also accept other wood, like wooden crates, odd size pallets, etc. Call us today and we will send someone over to take a look at your inventory. You will either gain revenue for the wood you generate, or we will get you in a cost savings program; all while meeting  your insurance requirements.

Almost ALL Waste Wood Can Be Recycled

We Recycle a Variety of Industrial Wood Scrap

Service Recycling is the one vendor you need for all your commercial recycling.

We can haul your cardboard, paper, plastic, pallets, and more. All in one convenient load. 


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