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Service Recycling runs 3 front loader routes on most days collecting cardboard from gas stations, restaurants, schools, etc.  This service is available in Joplin, MO and the surrounding area.  The containers are 8-yard bins and hold about 800 pounds of cardboard and paper when it's full.


Equiptment Baler.png

Many companies are familiar with these downstroke balers. Service Recycling has several available for accounts that generate more than average cardboard.  This is a great option for factories. After placement and installation, we will educate and train your staff on correct use and maintenance of the machine.

Drop Trailers

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We have over 150 trailers available for customer use. These are great for keeping your property clean because you can put all your byproducts on the trailer as you produce it. These trailers can hold over 500 pallets or 20 tons of materials!


Equipment Compactor.jpg

Service Recycling has a couple of roll-off trucks for servicing compactor box and open-top containers.  These boxes are available for cardboard, paper, plastic, and industrial wood waste.  Call us today and see if this option would work well for your company.  Our experienced staff will gladly answer any questions.


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Horizontal balers may be placed at locations who have several loads of materials each month. Call us today and set up an on-site waste audit. One of our team members will happily assist you and get you started on the best recycling program for your company. 

Open Tops

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For our local customers, we offer 30 yard open top dumpsters for recyclable materials. Our rates are competitive with your trash hauler and you get the peace of mind that your material is not going to a landfill!