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Oklahoma Recycling & Waste Solutions for Businesses

Sustainable Solutions for Northeast Okalhoma Businesses

Downtown Tulsa


Service Recycling opened our Tulsa plant in 2005. We had gotten a large customer in Tulsa, so we decided to open a plant there to service them better. The industrial part of Tulsa was booming so we knew there was a need for recycling. We have since expanded and can now service a large portion of Oklahoma!

What sets us apart

Unlike other recyclers, Service Recycling does not specialize in only one thing. We recycle pallets, cardboard, paper, plastic, along with many other commodities. Our Tulsa plant has an amazing pallet rebuilding program and a massive, automated baling operation. We are located in the heart of Tulsa making it a great recycling option for any Oklahoma business. 

Area Representative 

Specialty Services

Baling Operations:
Our plants are equipped with several high-volume balers allowing us to condense a wide variety of materials down into their most valuable form. We also have many balers available to place at your location for the convenience of baling your own material.

Large Blue Industrial Baler with two Service Recycling Employees in Front

Tel: (417)625-0700

Pallet Repair:
Customers bring us hundreds of pallets each week. We take the salvageable pallets and do any repairs needed. These pallets are redistributed back into the Midwest Market to be used again and again. Pallets that are too damaged are broken down and used to repair other pallets.

Pallet Recycling Tulsa ok


We have vertical balers ready to place at your facility for the collection of your materials. Baling your commodities puts them in their most valuable form. 

Blue vertical baler

Service Recycling has over 150 trailers in our fleet. We can place a drop trailer at your dock to save you valuable space in your facility. 

Long row of white box recycle trailers. Outside.
Oklahoma Sales Rep

Tracie Sutten -
Tracie has an expertise in recycle and waste materials. She has the ability to come up with a custom recycle program to fit any need! 

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