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Commerical Recycling Services

Comprehensive Commercial Recycling Solutions & Services

Cardboard, Plastic, Pallets & Business Waste Management

Commercial recycling has never been easier! Service Recycling has many options for your company's recyclable waste. We take cardboard, pallets, office paper, plastic roll stock, out of date packaging, and so much more. 

Service Recycling also has a pallet solution for you to get the pallets in the sizes your company needs. 


Aside from Service Recycling's pallet and recycling options, there are also a variety of other services that we offer to our commercial and industrial clients.

Use the drop-down menu above to look at all our different recycling options and read more on this page to learn about our other services.


We can design a program that fits your needs. Recycling is not "one size fits all." Let us take a look at the waste you're generating by conducting a free waste audit. No matter how far away from our headquarters you are - we can still stop by and take a look. Give us a call today and we will set up a time that is convenient for you.


Service Recycling is known for our honest pricing and detailed load reviews. Every load and payment submitted will include an itemized statement showing the commodity, weight, rate and total price. There are never any hidden fees to surprise you!


Service Recycling has connections with domestic and international mills. We have the capability of shipping by rail, sea container or hauling it with the trucks we own. Whether you operate a city/county recycling center, industrial plant, or a big supply chain - we've got you covered!


Come see us! Our staff works hard maintaining our facilities. We would love to give you a tour. Just give us a call and we can set up a time for you to come and see our automated baling system, wood operation and shipping/receiving warehouse.

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