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Humanitarian Outreach

At Service Recycling, we do our best to make the world a better place in as many ways as we can. One of the ways we do this is by working with Compassion International and Life of Hope to sponsor one child  for every employee we have. See below to learn more about Compassion International and Life of Hope and how our sponsoring helps. 

Compassion International and Life of Hope both have child development models that blend physical, social, economic and spiritual care together to help children in poverty. They deliver whole-life care, by way of frontline church partners, that is personal, individualized, relational, and tailored to the child's age, gender, health, culture and family situation. Compassion does all of their work through partnerships with thousands of local churches in 25 countries around the world. Life of Hope is a local organization that specializes in assisting children in Guatemala.

Young boys sponsored by Compassion, reading.

Photo Credit: Compassion

Small girl sponsored by Compassion

For every employee at Service Recycling, we sponsor one child. The children we sponsor are given food, education, access to medical care, and so much more. Some of our employees have dedicated children that they frequently write to. Our words are often the very things that help create future dreams. And sometimes those dreams are to be just like us. It doesn’t take much to make an imprint in the spirit of a child.

Photo Credit: Compassion

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