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Visitor Guide

2443 Dawson Rd Tulsa, OK 74110
Our facility is open Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm. Closed 12:00-1:00pm for lunch.

On your way into our facility, we ask all visitors and staff to follow our Safe Travel Path. This ensures the safety of all that are visiting. Use the aerial map below to see our Safe Travel Path.

Map of Tulsa Plant. Enter off Dawson and use scale.
High visibility vest and close-toe shoes must be worn on premises.
Upon arrival:
Visitors in cars must park on the right side of the office building NOT in the Semi pathway. Marked "Visitor Parking."

Visitors in semis or hauling trailers will need to park across the street in the Semi/Vendor Staging. 

Once the current customer/vendor is done loading/unloading and pulls out of the lot, the next customer/vendor in line can pull in.

Please go directly to the office to check in and receive any needed proper personal protective equipment to wear for the duration of the visit while on the premises.

When outside of a vehicle, a high visibility vest and closed toe shoes must always be worn. 

After being loaded/unloaded, please return to the office to turn in any personal protective equipment borrowed.

General Rules:
Only one customer/vendor will be allowed to load/unload at a time.
Minors are not allowed on the premises at any time. 
Visitors are not allowed to walk around the facility; this includes going into the warehouse.
Only one person is allowed out of their vehicle at a time.
No smoking on the premises!
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Tulsa Plant

Service Recycling Tulsa Plant

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